Car Mechanic Jobs in Canada – (Salary – $1260 Per Week)

Many people dream of working as auto mechanics in one of the world’s most advanced mechanical nations. There is nothing better than being able to support your passion for the business while working on the cars you love.

Finding fulfilling work in Canada is satisfying in and of itself, but the automotive industry here has a few advantages that aren’t available anywhere else!

Find out why it makes sense to look for mechanic jobs in Canada as well as which immigration options are best for you by reading on.

Types of Mechanic Jobs in Canada: Requirements

What Does a Mechanical Employee Make on Average in Canada?

In Canada, mechanics have a variety of work options to select from! You will need to select the best available occupancy for you based on your job experience.

  • Automobile repair
  • Mechanics of large vehicles
  • Mechanics for small engines
  • Mechanics for ships
  • Aviation mechanics

The best immigration options are for mechanics

There are more than 80 different ways to apply for jobs in Canada and secure employment there. Which one of them, though, is best suited for foreign mechanical specialists looking for work in Canada? Here are three of your top options:

  • Temporary Work
  • Visa for Express Entry 
  • Provincial Nominees
  • Global Talent Stream

If you work in the mechanical industry, this immigration process is your best chance to obtain permanent residence in Canada as soon as possible.

You can use Express Entry to establish your eligibility for schemes like the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP).

Jobs for mechanics in Canada

There are several ways to come work in Canada as a mechanic!

What Does a Mechanical Employee Make on Average in Canada?

In Canada, a Mechanic can expect a yearly salary of around $44,600. Mechanic pay may range widely depending on factors including education level, industry, employer, and location.

Are mechanics in demand in Canada?

The need for skilled mechanics is high in the current Canadian economy. There will always be a need for your skill set in this nation, whether you work in a car dealership or the marines.

Jobs in Canada for Mechanics

The decision to work as a mechanic in Canada has many advantages!

In Canada, how long does it take to become a mechanic?

Typically, it takes 7,220 hours (or roughly four years) of study, work, and experience to become a competent automotive service technician. This includes 6,500 hours of on-the-job training and 720 hours of classroom teaching.

Which Canadian province is best for mechanics?

Alberta and British Columbia are now the best provinces in Canada for mechanic job seekers.