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Applying for the Electronic Diversity Visa Program: your chance to win the American visa lottery

The Electronic Diversity Visa program, or E-DV program, makes 50,000 visas available each year to individuals from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

The program was created to encourage people from countries that have not traditionally sent many immigrants to the United States to try applying for immigration. You may have heard of the Diversity Visa lottery, which is just one small part of the E-DV program.

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An overview of the US immigration system

Applying for a US visa isn’t easy. You don’t simply fill out an application and hope for success; there are specific criteria and procedures you need to follow in order to ensure that you have a realistic shot at getting your application approved.

First, though, it helps to understand how visas work in general. The US immigration system is comprised of two primary categories: family-based visas and employment-based visas.

How to apply for an E-Diversity visa?

Applying for an E-Diversity visa is relatively simple; there are two key steps to follow. First, you must apply through a sponsoring organization that has been pre-approved by USCIS.

Second, you must create a profile on and apply using their website, where you can also check your status and track your application once it has been submitted

Key features of E-Diversity Visas

You must have a high school education or two years of qualifying work experience in any field to apply. (So, it’s not just for techies.) You can make a case for being selected on a points-based system that takes into account education, employment history, and length of residence in the US. You don’t have to be fluent in English — you just need to be proficient in reading, writing and speaking basic English.

How can you increase your chances?

Thousands of people apply for a U.S. visa each year, but only 50,000 lucky winners will be chosen to receive their green card. The easiest way to increase your chances is by applying in conjunction with a Diversity Visa Lottery program offered by America and other countries.

To apply for a diversity visa, you must first meet certain eligibility requirements set forth by Congress. Once you’ve done that, you can begin applying through one of two methods: 1) Apply directly through an approved U.S. embassy or consulate; or 2) Apply electronically via E-DV online registration.

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Controlling Your Application Process

How long it takes you to go through all of these steps will vary, but if you’re just now learning about applying for an E-DV, it should take about 4 months from start to finish. The most important thing here is that you stay on top of things; don’t leave any documents or information out and never submit applications until you know they’re complete.

The Journey From Start To Finish

The United States Lottery has been running since 1988, allowing 50,000 immigrants into America each year (20,000 under its Green Card Program). This can be a great opportunity for those who have skills and experience that are in demand in America. How does it work? Simply apply online!

The Electronic Diversity Visa (EDV) program is run by US Citizenship and Immigration Services. If you are lucky enough to win, you will need to pay a $330 processing fee and complete an FBI background check.